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CEC Newsletter September 2014
This Newsletter is based on information received and discussed at the CEC Management Board Meeting on 11th September 2014. Please note that it may have been superseded by further events that have occurred between the meeting and the publication of this Newsletter.

Management Board

Unconfirmed Minutes from the last Management Board meeting, held on 11th September 2014 are available to CEC Group Members on the CEC Web Site.

Management Board Representation

Dr Max Staudacher from OMV AG becomes the second permanent representative for CONCAWE on the CEC Management Board.

Use of QI

QI was acknowledged as a useful tool for tracking engine tests and any deviation from the operating conditions. All CEC Lubricant and Fuels Tests Chairmen are to be asked to advise if they use QI in their CEC test and if they do, how useful it is.

SG-L-085 (PDSC)

Anthony Shacklock of Lubrizol was endorsed as the new Chairman of SG-L-085 (PDSC).

SG-L-040 (NOACK)

PAC will be contacted with a view to speeding up its resolution to the concerns about severity shift trends in the NOACK reference data.

CEC L-99-08 OM646

Results from the first reference test run on a new batch of OM646EVO engine blocks will soon be available. The test continues to run on the existing hardware.

CEC L-78-99 TDi Test

VW will not guarantee hardware for the CEC L-78-99 TDi test method beyond 2016. More information should be available at the next MB Meeting in November.

TDG-L-111 - Gasoline Cleanliness Test

The turbocharger parameter appears to be a bit mild. Results of 2 additional tests using engines at the extreme side of the temperature profile, will be presented at the Group’s next meeting and further details will follow after that.

TDG-F-110 IDID Test

It is planned to present and discuss all data at the Group Meeting end of September, for agreement to request the CEC Board for permission to move to Phase 2. If the data is accepted, the Chairman will be invited to attend the next CEC Management Board Meeting.

TDG-L-109 Oxidation Test

A draft version of the test method is available on the CEC website. 13 labs are participating in the Round Robin, with results to be available for evaluation ready for Group members to discuss at the October 2014 Group Meeting. It is expected that the test procedure will then be finalized and test conditions fixed for LD and HD oil tests. If the group is able to finalize the development work / Phase 2 during this meeting, the Chairman will be invited to make a final presentation and ask for test acceptance at the November Management Board Meeting.

TDG-T-108 – Pitting Test

There may be a delay to the test completion, due to delayed manufacture of test gears for the Round Robin.
More information will be available after the group’s September meeting.

TDG-L-107 – M271 Sludge Test

Group Chairman, Stefan Berkel, gave a detailed presentation on the progress so far. The Management Board expressed some concern on several issues which the group will address then submit a proposal for the next steps to the Management Board for approval. There is funding left for only a limited number of tests and the Group needs to use this money in an optimal way.

It was noted that some Phase 2 Round Robin potential participants are obtaining hardware ahead of the agreement to Phase 1. The Board agreed that any costs incurred by these laboratories are at their own risk and CEC has no responsibility should the test development be delayed or not result in a finalized CEC test procedure.

TDG-L-106 – Oil Dispersion at Medium Temperature for Passenger Car DI Diesel Engines (DV6)

Group Chairman Kris Polley gave an updated presentation of the Reproducibility data. The test was approved for Viscosity Increase. The Group was requested to continue to collect data on the Piston Merit parameter, to possibly consider this as a CEC parameter in the future. The Group becomes SG-L-106. Issue 1 of L-106-14 will be released and the cost of a licence to install and use the test for running valid CEC results will be set at Euro 43,500 for the first 2 years after development. The CEC Management Board thanked Kris Polley for his excellent leadership, as well as all Group Members for their efforts during the test development.

A Questionnaire about the test development will be circulated to all members and the results will be discussed by the CEC Board in order to determine if any improvements can be made to the process.

The CEC Secretariat will inform the Chairmen of SG-L-082 (Spectrophotometric determination of Soot in Used Engine Oil) and SG-L-083 (Measurement of Kinematic Viscosity @100 Deg. C of Used Oil Samples) that they will now also be regarded as sub-groups of SG-L-106 (DV6).

TDG-L-104 – OM646 Effects of Biodiesel

The TDG-L-104 Chairman is optimistic that the Group may soon be in a position to commence the Phase 2 Round Robin.

Reference Fuels Group

A majority of OEMs would like to continue to have Legislative Fuels listed with CEC designations for practical and conformance reasons, however the CEC bears no responsibility for the content of these Reference Fuels Data Sheets, providing them only as a service to Industry. Legal assistance will be obtained in order to provide the wording of a disclaimer about Legislative Fuels for the CEC Reference Fuels Manual and the Legislative Reference Fuels Data Sheets. Negotiating with the European Commission about legal fuel specifications is handled by the Industry Associations in MVEG and other Commission groups. The CEC and its Reference Fuels Group is not involved in such negotiations.

Special Project Group on Elastomers

Board Members thanked the Group for its excellent work, accepted the final report and closed the SPG with immediate effect. A new TDG is to be proposed to test Volume Change, Elongation at Break and Tensile Strength Change (with Hardness as a secondary parameter). Ian Field thanked Vincent Panel, Katy Gibson and Sebastian Vautier in particular for their contribution to the Project Group.

New Test Development Proposal 

A small team of Industry representatives will finalise the Draft of the Template and Terms of Reference for a new Elastomer TDG and present it to the CEC Management Board for approval in November 2014.

CEC Test Monitoring System

Read on for recent updates and improvements to the CEC TMS:
Run Rules
Users should note that pass and fail marks in the registration tables listing do not include any run rules.

Data Entry
The new data entry system will provide feedback if entered data are outside limits. Users can see whether their data fall outside the control limits, if these exist for a particular test, and the system will still allow users to submit their data.

Use of Data Input Spreadsheet.
The new direct data entry system is now in operation for every test type. The spreadsheet user guidelines have been removed, and the data input spreadsheet will progressively be phased out. The TMS support team will be in touch with each CEC group as appropriate, to discuss removing the spreadsheet.

CEC Secretariat Opening Hours

Normal Opening Hours are Monday to Thursday, 0800-1730 hours. The CEC Secretariat office is closed on Fridays.

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