CEC - The Coordinating Euroopean Council for the development of performance tests for fuels, lubricants and other fluids
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CEC Newsletter: May - December 2015
This Newsletter is based on information received and discussed at the CEC Management Board Meetings and Conference Calls on June 18th, September 10th, October 27th and December 3rd 2015. Please note that it may have been superseded by further events that have occurred between the meeting and the publication of this Newsletter.

CEC Secretariat – Staff Update

Sofie Peeters was added to the Secretariat team and will be working together with Nele on the Management Board meetings and preparation and will replace Nele when she is traveling or on holidays. Sofie will also be Bénédicte’s back up when she is on holidays or out of the office. Sofie will be an addition to the CEC team in order to ensure enough capacity to deal with the requests coming in and to guarantee 2 staff members at each Management Board meeting.

Management Board

The unconfirmed Minutes from the last Management Board meeting as well as the confirmed Minutes of the previous Management Board meetings are available to CEC Group Members on the CEC Web Site.


  • The meeting dates for the Management Board Meetings and Conference calls for 2016 have been agreed upon
  • Transfer of CEC accounts and consolidation of all financial reporting on a euro basis has been completed.
  • CEC’s operational budget for 2016 has been approved
  • Van Bael & Bellis was contracted as legal support provider for an initial one year period
  • Van Merode & Wouters was contracted as auditor for an initial one year period
  • CEC has a surplus reserve of approximately €150.000 euro. This amount excludes any funds held on behalf of the sponsors for TDGs. It was decided to refund the reserves to the member associations, after the audit of 2015, which will be done by mid-2016.

Reference Fuel Supplies

It was decided that a fundamental review of the tender process procedures needed to be carried out, to review the supply arrangements and to explore the scope for improvement. As there is a lack of recent documentation, a questionnaire was created and sent to all TDG Chairmen in order to have a more detailed view on the current processes and considerations in the selection of reference fuels.

The results and the next steps have been discussed in the MB meetings and a proposal was submitted for short and longer term actions and was supported by all MB members.

TDG-L-104 – OM646 Effects of Biodiesel

Two unfunded tests were run and the results were comparable to the earlier ones. There are still some issues with the wider piston to piston distribution. However, it seems that, roughly, the test is back on track and the progress is satisfactory. The next TDG meeting is scheduled for end of February 2016. Currently, there is no indication for concerns.

TDG-L-107 – M271 Sludge Test

All 5 oils tests are completed and the test can move into Round Robin and will be run on a new Fuel Batch starting first week of December.

On the reference fuel, there was only enough of the existing Fuel Batch for a further 5 tests. A new Fuel Batch was required for the RR testing and to also cover at least 1 year of testing (~150 tests). It is expected that the test will be available by February 2016.

TDG-T-108 - Pitting Test

There were unfortunately unexpected results from the mini Round Robin which were not fully understood. Due to these problems the expected completion date would look like Q3 2016.

The TDG will continue their investigation as the pitting test addresses a concrete field concern and the group has the energy to successfully resolve the challenges. The funds were spent on phase 1, but there is support from the sponsors to continue. The next group meeting is in March 2016.

TDG-F-110 - IDID Test

The results were presented at the June 10th plenary meeting confirmed test consistency beyond original terms of reference.  The statistical analysis was presented at the plenary meeting on November 25th, 2015.

TDG-L-111- Cleanliness Test

Two labs are on schedule to complete and report the Round-Robin data as planned. Two other labs were not able to run (part of the) tests this year and will be postponed to Q1 2016.

Therefore, this means that only a partial data set from 2.5 labs (instead of the initial 3.5 labs data set) will be available still this year.

A TDG meeting will take place on December 17th, 2015 to review the statistical evaluation on this data set.The TDG is still on schedule with the current timeline.

TDG-L-112 – New Elastomer Test

The MB approved to move into phase II. However it was decided to put round robin testing of RE7 ACM on hold until the field ACM comparative study being carried out by Phil Addis has completed. The testing on the other 3 elastomers is going ahead as planned and the data should be available for the next TDG meeting on December 16th, 2015. APL’s request to become a member was accepted and they should be participating in the RR.

SG-L-036 – High Temperature High Shear

ACEA was in favor to keep the test and extend the temperature to 100°. No additional funding is needed and only minor modification so this will be handled within the existing group.

SG-T-045 – Shear Stability by Tapered Roller Bearing

With regards to extending the testing time to 200 hours, the group has concluded they have other more burning priorities to look after so they have postponed the extension and will not proceed before mid-2016.

SG-L-039 – Oil Elastomer compatibility

AAA LD & HD will discuss RE 2 availability and options at upcoming meetings and provide feedback to the next face to face MB meeting on March 1st, 2016.

SG-L-040 - Noack

PAC, the supplier of software has updated and installed the updates and the Round Robin is now planned and targeted for completion by the end of 2015.  The data will be reviewed and a decision on reference oil control limits will be made. 

SG- L-088 – TU 5

Advice was requested on the length of the tests required. ATC wants clarification on when to stop this test and go to the new one. It was agreed that this needs to be discussed in ACEA and AAA and they need to come back to CEC with advice.

SG-L-093 – DV 4

A request from the group chairman was received to get CEC MB guidance on test availability. The revised test life is now estimated to be until the end of Q4 2016.

SG-L-103 – Lubricant Biodegradability

The number of labs has been brought down from 6 to 5 and the Round Robin has started on October 6th, 2015. All results and evaluation have been summarized and discussed in the SG-L-103 meeting on November 17th, 2015.

SPG for Wear in GDi Engines

The group had their first meeting with 8 members (2 ACEA, 4 ATC, 2 ATIEL) on 17 June in which they formally endorsed Uwe Zimmer as the Chairman, Sven-Oliver Kossmehl as the Vice Chair and Francois Bénard as the Secretary. The group discussed the deliverables as defined in the charter for the SPG and endorsed the proposed phases; phase 1: investigate the need for a TDG and phase 2: development of the strategy.

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