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CEC Newsletter - June 2016
In this edition, we will cover the redevelopment of the CEC Test Monitoring System as well as the new CEC Test Method F-110-16, Internal Diesel Injector Deposit Test, which is available for sale.

CEC –Test Monitoring System Redevelopment

In January 2016, the CEC Management Board has reviewed the current TMS and website services provided by PDC and approved the plans for upgrading the current TMS system in order to make the system more accessible, flexible, user friendly and secure.

Over the next five months the core of the CEC-TMS will be completely redeveloped. 

The current system will continue to operate as usual until the switch over. The current CEC-TMS was written in 2008, since when the programming language used has become somewhat dated. Increasingly it was found that this was limiting the ability to develop the system as CEC desired. Also, it has become apparent that there was a number of design weaknesses inherited from the previous pre-2008 system.  These made the administrative side of the system unnecessarily cumbersome, slowing down the introduction of new tests or indeed of making changes to existing tests.

The new system will contain the same information that you are used to seeing, but it will be easier to use and quicker to find your way around. Tables and graphs will become more interactive so that you can easily adjust them to show the required information. The display will also adapt to the size of the device you are working on, be it a wide screen monitor or a mobile.

The project will be actively seeking input from CEC members as it progresses. Anyone interested in providing input to the new system or being involved in the testing should contact the CEC Secretariat.

CEC F-110-16 - Internal Diesel Injector Deposit Test available for sale

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