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CEC Newsletter - April 2019
This edition will cover feedback of the latest Management Board meetings as well as some news on the test method side, Test Monitoring System (TMS) and the CEC Chairmanship.

TDG-F-113 – DISI test

The engine test method is considered to be essentially the final version and only minor modifications are expected in future editions.

Engine installation work has been done at several labs.

Test alignment work has been started to minimise potential lab to lab variability when phase 2 starts (there is no date yet for the start of phase 2).

The second series of tests on new dirty-up fuel candidates has been completed and the main outcome is as follows:

  • The fuels were all EN228 with 4.8% Ethanol content
  • Fouling values are ranging from 2% up to 30%
Therefore, at the last meeting, the fuel development was on-time with respect to the revised timeline after the initial difficulties in generating the required levels of injector fouling.

However, more recent test results have shown that further fuel development work is necessary to ensure appropriate clean-up performance.

The group have requested that the fuel supplier deliver a dirty-up fuel that responds to known clean-up additives in the same way as a ‘typical’ engine in the European marketplace that had similar levels of injector fouling.

The group continues to work with the parts supplier, Mibö, and with Volkswagen to ensure that parts are readily accessible in reasonable time frames and at market competitive prices, currently the delays are seen as prohibitively long.

The next TDG meeting will take place on June 4th and 5th during which the next stage of the fuels work will be discussed.

TDG-L-107 – M271 Sludge Test

As a reminder, the CEC MB has accepted the TDG to move to Phase 2 on the understanding that:

  • APL will run the first two RR tests
  • The first test on RL262 to set the test length
  • The second test on Oil C (RL274) to prove discrimination
  • Once complete and discrimination is confirmed allow continuation of RR
Phase 2 is now in progress; APL completed high and low reference tests on current fuel batch and set new test duration on batch 7 fuel. Three labs are participating in the Phase 2 RR testing.

TDG-T-108 – Pitting Test for Gear Lubricants

The CEC MB has approved the T-108 test method and the move to SG status. However the CEC MB representative will work with the group Chair to make sure that all labs complete their results. CEC will also chase Lab F and ask them to provide better data for the high reference oil as there was a questionable result for this lab and it was not clear if this is a possible outlier. The goal is to have better precisions and check if this is an outlier or not.

TDG-L-114 - Toyota Diesel Turbocharger Compressor Deposit test proposal

On 8 May there was the last group meeting. Round Robin of both labs are finished and the results were evaluated. The Round Robin is based on two labs, two oils (RL264 and RL265) and 1 test stand per lab.

Both labs could prove a high discrimination between the two oils. The soot level target window at the end of test is a key parameter that affects the results respective repeatability very much. Close to 25% of tests are currently not hitting the soot window which makes the test run invalid. The group discussed solutions to overcome this problem and decided to implement a countermeasure.

The SDG put a lot of effort to handle low database produced by two Labs only. Therefore SDG recommended, “At this stage it may be better to go to relative to reference specification. Single engine on stand referenced then all other tests compared to these reference data”.

The group is confident that the TDG work is finished. A presentation to the CEC MB is in preparation for 18 June.

TDG-L-115 – Low Soot Bearing Wear Test

One high and one low demonstration oil have been identified. The latter being the same as the HDO but w/o DI-package and adjusted VM and base oil mix to adjust to HDO viscometrics. The test matrix will be run first with HDO to establish the test conditions and then they can run the LDO. Discrimination of the oils will have to be demonstrated.

The bearings were selected and have been supplied by Federal Mogul. Phase 1 testing has been started at IST end of April 2019.

The next F2F meeting will take place in June/July 2019 to fix the test conditions, date will be posted end of May.

TDG-L-116 –Low Soot Ring Liner Wear Test

The high and low calibration oils have been identified. Initial testing will start on the high calibration oil to set the test conditions. Demonstration oils are also being looked at.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for 23 May.


The test went back into TDG phase last year. Since then the group has tried to find a way forward to develop a performance test. One option was to revert the test to a pass/fail mode but this was rejected as the group wanted a performance test. The TDG is currently looking at modifying the test procedure in order to develop a test that has sufficient repeatability and precision. They agreed to finish all actions relating to data analysis of the existing test database (no new tests are being run). These actions were targeted at identifying potential sources of poor precision. Based on some of this analysis one test lab has agreed to conduct 2 tests at the extremes of the permitted temperatures for the soak-in period, namely at 15°C and 25°C. The analysis suggested that whilst +/- 5°C is a relatively small operating window it could be that the effects are nevertheless significant.

There will be a joint meeting of TDG-F-110 & 113 on 4-5 June in the UK.

SG-L-106 & SG-L-111

The DV6 and EP6 engines were to be stopped producing at PSA by end of this year. There was a request from CEC to speak with them until how long these engines needed to be available for the ACEA sequences. PSA has found an alternative solution to continue supplying engines and both engines will be available through a third party in the UK until 2022.

SPG on Corrosion

The corrosion SPG has now been completed and the group identified that no bench or engine test exists that measures corrosion protection properties of an oil in the presence of bio-fuel. The group recommended that engine tests for gasoline and diesel corrosion should be developed and the action is now for ACEA to review their corrosion needs and identity the potential for OEM hardware for developing such tests.

CEC TMS Updates

We are pleased to announce that FZG108 has been released and is now live on the TMS. This test will be chaired by Dr. Thomas Tobie from FZG Institut TU Muenchen.

Overview of the CEC Management Board Meetings

CEC Chair
Nick Clague (ATIEL) will take over the Chair from Frank Stunnenberg (ATC) at our next CEC Face-to-Face Management Board meeting on June 18

Frank will stay responsible for the financial part and will stay on the Board as the CEC treasurer.

Mike Conroy (CONCAWE) will stay on as the Vice-Chair.

We will update the roles & responsibilities of the CEC MB members at the same time.

CEC Website Redesign
The website taskforce is working together with PDC on the website update which will include a new visual layout and imagery. PDC is also upgrading the operating platform for the website which will make it easier to be managed. Current work is focused on the look and feel of the website and a 2nd phase will involve transferring relevant content from the current site to the new one. Timing for the launch of the website is not yet decided as design work is still ongoing.

CEC Workshop

The CEC Management Board is looking into all the input and the feedback received and will come up with a proposal on addressing the issues for the coming years.

ASTM Roundtable on February 26 in London

Industry representatives from CEC and CEC stakeholders met with the ASTM D02 committee in February to discuss how each organisation operates and if there were opportunities to share common work. Each organisation also described their current methods of operation with the aim to share best-practice ideas. Both parties agreed to further discussions in the future and the development of ideas.

Upcoming events

  • TDG-L-115 and tentatively TDG-L-116 on May 23rd, 2019 at IST Prüftechnik GmbH, Germany
  • SG F-110 & F-113 meetings on June 4th and 5th, 2019 at The Grange Hotel, Bracknell, UK
  • Management Board Meeting on June 18th, 2019 at CEC offices in Brussels
  • Management Board Conference call on August 27th, 2019
  • SG-L-78 Meeting on September 11th, 2019 at ISP Salzbergen GmbH & Co. KG, Salzbergen, Germany
  • Management Board Meeting on September 24th, 2019 at CEC offices in Brussels
  • SG-F-05 and SG-F-20 meetings on September 25th, 2019 at SGS Czech Republic, s.r.o, Prague, Czech Republic
  • Management Board Conference call on October 29th, 2019
  • SG-F-23 Meeting on November 5th, 2019 at Intertek, UK
  • SG-F-98 Meeting on November 6th, 2019 at Intertek, UK
  • Management Board Meeting on November 26th, 2019 at CEC offices in Brussels

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