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CEC Newsletter June 2010 - Reissue - Correction to CEC L-39-96 Elastomer Test
CEC Newsletter June 2010

Management Board

Unconfirmed Minutes from the last Management Board meeting, held on 26th May 2010 are available to CEC Group members on the CEC Web Site.

SG-F-016 – VW Waterboxer – Inlet Valve Stick

VW continue to have an interest in maintaining this test, though original parts are now difficult, but there are a number of aftermarket products available as replacement parts that will maintain the test.  
AAC(ACEA / ATC / CONCAWE) has asked CEC to obtain more information about this test and the companies that use it to help them make some decisions on the future of the test and any alternative options.

SG-F-023 – XUD9 Nozzle Coking

PSA continues to support this test.  Engine blocks are available for more than 2 years.  
Injector and severity issues are being investigated.  PSA are also trying to find alternative parts suppliers.

SG-F-020 – M111 Intake Deposits

The availability of parts for this test will be discussed directly with Daimler.
It may be possible to re-use the engine blocks from the M111 Sludge Test for the Intake Deposits test.
It appears that a lack of participation in Round Robins has meant that repeatability data is no longer available for this test.  Regular referencing is essential to the quality of a test and Group Membership involves the requirement to participate in Reference testing

SG-F-098 – DW10

The Task Force has agreed a plan to determine the cause of the test severity shift and APL has quoted for the work.  The additional work will be paid for from remaining sponsorship funds.

CEC Lubricant Tests – ACEA Future Requirements

ACEA Fuels & Lubricants Group has met and an AAA meeting has recently taken place. Existing CEC tests were discussed, as well as an indication of future needs.
ACEA has expressed some interest in the development of a Low Temperature Pumpability Bench Test within CEC.  This will be discussed further at the ACEA Heavy Duty Meeting on 15th June 2010 and at future AAA Industry group meetings. It is understood that work for such a test is already progressing within GFC.
ACEA advised that there was some interest in a new Gasoline Wear Protection Test.

CEC L-39-96 Elastomer Test

The Daimler AEM (Vamac)  Elastomer is included in the ACEA Specifications.  ACEA suggests that it would be sensible to bring the test under CEC quality control, as it would be beneficial to track the batches.  This will be discussed with Daimler and then proposed to the AAA (ACEA, ATIEL, and ATC) Industry Group.

M111 Sludge Test (CEC L-53-95)

There has been no further progress to find a permanent replacement for this test. The Daimler M271 test continues to be viewed as a temporary fix.

SG-L-038 – TU3

Awaiting information from PSA about the location of a new supplier of camshafts and rockers for this test.  Existing supplies will last until September 2010.

OM646 Engine

Specific information is being sought about the long term availability of the OM646 engine.
CEC L-99-08 (SG-L-099) and the new Effects of Biodiesel test development under TDG-L-104 are both reliant on its continuing supply.

TDG-L-104 OM646

A recent meeting of the Group focussed on the bio-fuel blend to be used for the test development.
A written definition is in the process of being agreed by the Group and this will then be sent to the CEC Board for approval.  Calibration oils have been offered to the group.

SG-L-053 – M111 Sludge

It is understood that only 2 tests remain to be run.  Both are booked and a proposal to close the Group is expected from the Group Chairman, once these tests are completed.

CEC Test Monitoring System Update

Please view an update on various aspects of the CEC Test Monitoring System:
'CEC Results': It is important that labs upload their data for relevant tests so that they can claim a ‘CEC Result’. This is a criterion for membership of a Group. An online report is now available for Chairman and SDG representatives to show which labs have or have not uploaded data.
Instruments: The new upload system checks for valid instrument ID's for each lab for each test. You can now manage your list of instruments and add or delete ID's. Please check the list of instruments for your lab on the 'main' page for each test type; you can select 'Manage instruments' at the bottom left side of the page.
Data Quality: The new data input validation procedure has resulted in a reduced number of upload errors for users.
HFRR: Some users are still having data formatting issues. For HFRR, Please ensure that your test machine is outputting the data file in the correct format, for example, decimal point . not comma , and also the date should be entered in the following format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm:ss.  If you have any problems with HFRR uploads please contact the CEC TMS Support Desk at [email protected]

CEC TDG Tender Process

Pre-meeting of interested tendering parties was considered to be essential and should be held in future for each new test development that is tendered.
This additional step will be built into the CEC Guidelines.

Meeting with Independent Laboratories

A very useful meeting took place between Board Members and representatives from Independent Laboratories
It was decided to aim for similar meetings every year and a tentative date has been set for the next one in October 2011.  Various subjects were discussed, including Reference Fluids, Rating, Quality and the Test Development Process.

CEC Rating Workshops

Rating Workshops will continue to be run specific to an individual CEC Test however ISP will try to bundle some Workshops together to save on time and travelling expenses.
It will be proposed to the Rating Steering Group that the confidentiality rule is relaxed a little in order to allow a Rater to attend any Rating Workshop, regardless of whether it covers rating for a sponsored Group or not.  Priority will always be given to members of the Group that are running the test.  It is hoped that this will enhance the quality of rating across all Workshops as Raters share their experiences.  Requests for Rating workshops can be addressed to the Rating Steering Group by a Working Group Chairman.

Quality Statement

A revised Quality Statement will be added into the CEC Guidelines and made available with every Test Method on the CEC Web Site.

Presentations at CEC Group Meetings

Just a reminder to everybody that presentations made at CEC Meetings should be delivered in the CEC format and not using individual company logos and names.
The CEC Presentation Format is available to all members from the CEC Web Site.  After login, select ‘CEC Proformas’ from the drop down menu under the Document Search.  The CEC Presentation template is Guidance Note 3.

CEC Secretariat Opening Hours

Opening Hours are Monday to Thursday, 0800-1730 hours.  The CEC Secretariat office is closed on Fridays.

CEC Help Desk

New Ideas?  Questions to Ask?  Guidance Required?  Support is available from Lyn, Barry and Monique.  See the CEC Web Site for details:  www.cectests.org

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