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CEC Newsletter October 2010
CEC Newsletter October 2010

Management Board

Unconfirmed Minutes from the last Management Board meeting, held on 22nd September 2010 are available to CEC Group members on the CEC Web Site.

Tender & Sponsorship for new Low Temperature Pumpability Test

The final tender document has been released.  You can find it on the public page of the CEC Web Site at www.cectests.org
Select ‘Tenders’ at the top of the page and view the Letter, the Template, Terms of Reference and sample Letter of Intent for Sponsors.  Companies interested in bidding to be the Lead Laboratory must submit their bids to the CEC Secretariat by close of business on Thursday 21st October.  Bids will be reviewed and a decision made on the Lead Laboratory by early November.  If your company is interested in sponsoring this test please email the CEC Secretariat to confirm your Company’s firm commitment to sponsor up to a maximum amount of Euro 15,000 for Phase 1 development.  The exact amount will be revised according to the number of sponsors. 

Replacement for DV4 Tests CEC L-93-04

A Terms of Reference document has been drafted for a replacement test using a PSA DV6 Euro V  engine.
The new test will not be a straight replacement for the DV4 test, as other factors will change, but the methodology is expected to be similar.  ACEA has confirmed that it supports this new development and ATIEL and ATC members are currently reviewing the draft document.  CONCAWE has offered support on fuels issues.

TDG-L-104 OM646 Effects of Biodiesel Test

The September meeting was cancelled pending further tests which need to be run but have been delayed awaiting the arrival of more test fuel.  
Larger amounts of fuel will be supplied to prevent more delays in future.  It is anticipated that a Group meeting will take place at the end of October, when test results are expected to be available.

SG-F-005 – M102E Intake Valve Cleanliness Test

The test remains useful and is in high demand, though there have been problems with a replacement reference fuel, which is in the process of being resolved.  A Round Robin will be conducted soon amongst participating laboratories.  Parts are available for more than 5 years.

SG-F-006 – HFRR Diesel Fuel Lubricity

ISO and ASTM versions of this test continue to exist.  At the request of the Group Chairman, Board Members agreed that SG-F-006 Group is to be closed with immediate effect.  Thanks are extended to the Group Chairman and all members for their support.
Additionally, CONCAWE recommends that the CEC label is dropped from Reference Fuels DF-92-02 and 70-00 so that they can still be used as reference fluids for ISO-12156 from a commercial blender.
If these Reference Fuels are exhausted at some point in the future, then new reference fluids can be developed by the group interested in having them (for example CEN, DIN, Energy Institute, etc.) using the prevailing round robin requirements.

SG-F-016 – VW Waterboxer Valve Stick Test

This is a low duty cyclic test with a simple Pass or Fail result.  Potential spare part problems have been addressed by the Group through sourcing outside of the OEM.  
The Board was told that it is extremely difficult to predict how long the test will last, depending on what parts might need to be replaced and so the end of life is likely to be at short notice.  Eight members maintain the test.  The Group was asked to consider stocking up with parts in order to maintain the test for as long as possible.  VW and ACEA support the continuation of this test.

SG-F-020 – M111 Intake Valve Deposits

Remaining spare parts from the Lubricant Sludge Test (CEC L-53-95) are being made available to run this fuels test.
There are no issues with hardware, though it should be noted that there are no further ECUs available.  The test should be available for at least five years.  It is an international test and for combustion deposits is part of the Worldwide Fuel Charter.  

SG-F-023 – XUD9 Nozzle Coking

It is understood that injector nozzles are failing early (e.g. after 10 tests instead of the estimated 30 tests).  
The nozzle supplier has assured the Group that nozzles will continue to be produced and made available to them.  
The complexities of this test have led to a number of laboratories not complying in some way with the test procedure.  Removal of data from these labs has improved the calculated test precision.  A more detailed RR data collection pro-forma is now being developed to allow labs to critically examine the RR data before submitting it for precision analysis.  The group is working on using a Quality Index to further improve control the test and improvements in precision are expected next year.  The level of reproducibility vs. target is not as good as it should be for a test that has been in existence for 15 years, but repeatability continues to be good.  
It was suggested that the Group build into the Test Method a grid of critical parameters that will show customers they have met all the criteria.  This will maintain the test as a well known and well established tool for nozzle coking worldwide.  
Hardware for this test is available for at least five years.  It was suggested that the Group stock up on parts in the near future.

SG-L-038 – TU3

The OEM is sourcing a company that could machine camshafts for the PSA TU3 Test CEC L-38-94.

Introduction of New CEC Reference Oils to Existing Tests

CEC Constitution Guideline 18 has been updated to include instruction in part 5 about Validity of Candidate Results in relation to the introduction of new reference fluids to an existing test and an update to part 4 Acceptance Requirements, in line with agreed revised Quality Statement included with every Test Method.
To view the Guidelines select “Constitution and Guidelines” from the left side of the CEC Web Site public page.

Membership of CEC Sponsored Surveillance Groups

The CEC Constitution Guideline 5 has been updated to cover non-sponsor companies joining a Sponsored Surveillance Group after a test has been developed.
To view the Guidelines select “Constitution and Guidelines” from the left side of the CEC Web Site public page.

CEC Reference Oils Issues

A review of Reference Oils issues have been discussed with the Reference Oils Group Chairman.
It was proposed that all companies that blend and / or stock CEC Reference Oils should become members of the ROG.
Reference Oils continue to be used for non-CEC tests.  Whilst this will continue, companies should provide levels of usage so that new batch sizes can be estimated and the oils don’t run out.  
After some discussion on the use of Reference Oils as calibration fluids outside CEC and the need for a target value to be written on the can label, it was agreed that this matter should be investigated for a more detailed discussion.

Rating Workshops

If there are any CEC Working Groups requiring a Rating Workshop, the Group Chairman should contact the Rating Group Chairman, Dave Jones, (with a copy to the organizer, Thomas Gross).

Useful Tips

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