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CEC Newsletter November 2010
CEC Newsletter November 2010

Management Board

Unconfirmed Minutes from the last Management Board meeting, held on 17th November 2010 are available to CEC Group members on the CEC Web Site.

New Low Temperature Pumpability Test

ISP has been chosen as the lead laboratory for this new test.
This new test development has proved to be of great interest to Industry and 14 sponsoring companies have requested membership of TDG-L-105. The first meeting takes place on the 14th December.

Replacement for DV4 Test CEC L-93-04

As the original purpose of the new test was to update the DV4 engine with a Euro 5 version (the DV6) the board recommends that the new engine and calibration oils chosen have supporting field data, thereby maintaining a link to the field issue originally observed that led to the development of the XUD 11 ATE test. At last week’s AAA meeting the drafted Terms of Reference were discussed and it was agreed a small group will be formed to review them before start-up of a new test development group.

M111 Sludge Test (CEC L-53-95)

This test is now declared ‘unavailable’, since there is only one test remaining which is booked out by the Independent Laboratory to a customer and should be completed by end 2010.  This final test will be valid.  
The Board has informed the Group Chairman that the test is now declared unavailable and that the Group can be closed.

SG-L-038 – TU3 Test

This test is being monitored closely as hardware is running out and only a limited amount of tests are available.
The latest feedback is that a small batch of camshafts has been produced and prove-out testing is imminent. A lager batch will be machined if these tests prove successful.

Sharing of Reference Results in CEC Groups

Clarification was requested about the obligations of test laboratories to share reference results within a Group.  CEC Constitution Guideline 5, part 3 ‘Test Methods and Test Results’ will be re-worded to make it clear that test results within a Group are to be shared in order to aid the development and/or monitoring of the test method.

How to handle Multiple Parameters in CEC Tests

A subgroup of the Statistical Development Group has produced some suggestions on how to handle multiple parameters in CEC tests.
Details are being discussed within the Industry Associations on how to introduce them. SDG will produce guidance for CEC Working Groups when all IA’s have agreed there implementation.

Availability of CEC Tests

There have been discussions on how and when to declare a test unavailable.  
The Board has agreed that they will review individual circumstances relevant to each test and then decide on the best course of action/timing for declaring a test unavailable. This will involve information on how many engines are left and whether the remaining tests have been commercially booked.  CEC declaring tests unavailable fits with current ATIEL Code of Practice rules. CEC Guidelines will be amended to indicate that a test can only remain ‘available’ if it can be run at a commercial laboratory.

CEC Website

A few updates on the CEC Web Site.

Users of the CEC Extranet will note that most pages will let you list documents by name, reference or date.  Order can be ascending or descending.
The improved-format Discussion Board is proving popular with several groups. If any other Group wishes to use the Discussion Board for reviewing key topics amongst Group Members, please contact the Secretariat.

CEC Test Monitoring System Update

News about test types:

HFRR Test Type (SG-F-006)
As notified in our previous newsletter, at the request of the Group Chairman, the CEC Management Board Members have agreed that the SG-F-006 Group is to be closed with immediate effect.

Online access through TMS to the HFRR test type will be available until 31 December 2010. There is no longer a requirement to upload data to this test type. Please download any data you wish to keep before the end of this year. After this date information will be available by contacting TMS Support.

HTHS test type (SG-L-036)
The HTHS test type is now available for evaluation by members of SG-L-036, and data have been uploaded successfully. If you need your colleagues to have access to HTHS, then please let us know. We would welcome your feedback and comments.

DW10 test type (SG-F-098)
The DW10 test type is also available for members of SG-F-098 to evaluate. If you require access to this test type please contact TMS Support. Please report any upload issues to TMS Support. Again, your feedback and comments will be very helpful.

TMS features and facilities:

Valid fluids and batches are shown on the TMS page for every test type, together with individual lab codes and instrument types. If upload problems occur, participants can now request new fluid/batch combinations and new instrument types during the upload process.

To provide better information and control, an admin area has been created for group chairmen and SDG reps. A list of labs, personnel and instruments is available, together with reports of labs uploading and not-uploading data. Chairmen and SDG reps can post control limits for new fluid/batch combinations.

Goodbye to Monique Hickling

After more than 9 years of supporting CEC and ensuring the smooth running of the CEC Web Site, Monique Hickling retires from IAS on Tuesday 30th November 2010.
We all wish her a very happy and healthy retirement.  She will be missed, but we hope that she will be back to visit us from time to time and to help out when needed.

Introducing Jenny Reynolds

Jenny is replacing Monique at IAS effective 1st December 2010.  
She has a lot to learn about CEC over the coming months, so please be patient.  Jenny can be contacted from 1st December on [email protected]

CEC Secretariat Opening Hours and Christmas Closure

The office will close for the holidays at 1730 hours on Thursday 23rd December 2010.
It will re-open at 0800 hours on Tuesday 4th January 2011.  We would like to take this opportunity of wishing everyone a very Happy Christmas and a Healthy and Prosperous 2011.
Normal Opening Hours are Monday to Thursday, 0800-1730 hours.  The CEC Secretariat office is closed on Fridays.

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