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CEC Newsletter July 2011
CEC Newsletter July 2011

Management Board

Unconfirmed Minutes from the last Management Board meeting, held on 7th July 2011 are available to CEC Group members on the CEC Web Site.

Dr Joachim Vetter

The CEC Management Board is very sad to announce the sudden death on Sunday 3rd July 2011 of Dr Joachim Vetter of APL.  Dr Vetter was a very hardworking supporter of CEC and active in many CEC Working Groups.  His technical contribution and leadership was highly valued and he will be very much missed by his CEC colleagues

CEC 2011 Special Extended Management Board Meeting

Announcing a Special Extended CEC Management Board Meeting in Brussels on 21-22 November 2011.  The primary theme of the extended board meeting will be to look at and understand the ‘Driving Forces’ that will significantly affect the next 10 years of CEC test developments. Presentations will be made by Senior Representatives of ACEA, ATC, ATIEL and CONCAWE and an analysis of the achievements of the CEC in the last 10 years will be reviewed in the form of a Round Table Panel Discussion. OEM experts and special guests will be invited and it is hoped that Chairmen of all CEC Working Groups will be able to attend and contribute.  Group Chairmen are requested to put this date in their diaries.  A detailed Agenda and invitation will be advised in due course.

CEC Transmissions

Transmissions Chairman, Volker Kropp, recently gave the Management Board an update on activities of all the Transmissions Groups.  Individual Chairmen of some of these groups will be invited to the next CEC Board Meeting to discuss in more detail their issues and concerns.
A new, reliable and shortened Pitting Test is still needed by the Industry and progress is being made.  An updated Terms of Reference will be produced for approval by the CEC Management Board and then a request for sponsorship can be produced and published so that a CEC Group can be formed to develop the test, with FZG as the lead laboratory.

Proposals for New Fuels Tests

A ‘Cold Starting Drivability Performance of Fuels, Bio Fuels and Additives’ (using a DV6 Euro 5 Engine) test has been developed under GFC and will be offered to CEC for further development, pending completion of the GFC test programme in September.
An ‘Internal Diesel Injector Deposit’ test has been offered to CEC.  The CEN/TC19/WG24 Injector Deposit Task Force is currently investigating the recent issue raised around injector lacquering and sodium-soap issues.  MPSA has recently shared its experiences and made a proposal to Industry representatives, presenting an engine test protocol for evaluating internal diesel injector deposits (IDID).  A small group will be formed to produce a Template and Terms of Reference for this new test development in time for discussion at the next CEC Management Board Meeting end September 2011.

TDG-L-106 – Oil Dispersion at Medium Temperature for Passenger Car DI Diesel Engines (DV6)

The inaugural meeting of the DV6 test development took place with all 12 sponsors attending and the officer positions were elected.  
The 1st Stage of the development phase is ongoing.  Engine and parts for installation are expected to arrive within the next two weeks.  Discussions to define the test cycle have been started.  The group will have to define 2 new reference oils soon after the 2nd Stage of the development phase.

SG-L-078 – VW TDi

The Chairman of SG-L-078 has reported some supply problems with engine blocks produced by Volkswagen and delivered via Marshalls Industrial.
So far there is no firm date when the next batch of parts, organised some time ago, can be delivered to the laboratories. In order to avoid any shortage of blocks for tests Volkswagen is checking internally about possible short term solutions and the Group Chairman is in close contact with both Volkswagen and Marshalls.

CEC L-85-99 PDSC Test Data Request

The Industry Group, AAA, has requested that members of SG-L-101 (OM501) and SG-L-099 (OM646) Groups that are running these tests also conduct a PDSC test (CEC L-85-99) on the used engine oil and supply the results to the Chairman of the ACEA F&L Heavy Duty Group.

CEC Communication of Test Availability

All CEC Working Group Chairmen are requested to ensure that if they have any test hardware or reference fluid supply issues that could jeopardize the ongoing availability of the test, then this should be communicated immediately to the Group Members and to the CEC Secretariat for passing on to Industry Associations.

Information from Sponsor Groups

Limited information will be made available to all interested parties from within sponsor groups.  
This will be in the form of a general outline of progress and timing of the development and will be updated every time a TDG meets.  A brief summary statement should be issued by the Chairman and approved by the Group for general circulation to Industry Associations via the CEC Secretariat. 

CEC Secretariat Opening Hours

Normal Opening Hours are Monday to Thursday, 0800-1730 hours.  The CEC Secretariat office is closed on Fridays.

Kellen Europe, Address: Avenue de Tervueren 188 A, Postbox 4, 1150 Brussels, Belgium
t: +32 2 761 16 84   e: [email protected]