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CEC Newsletter March 2012
CEC Newsletter March 2012

Management Board

Unconfirmed Minutes from the last Management Board meeting, held on 13th March 2012 are available to CEC Group Members on the CEC Web Site.

CEC Administration

SDG has recommended an enhancement to the Test Monitoring Help System to improve the understanding of users and to encourage full participation of all the laboratories in the CEC-TMS.  The CEC Management Board Members confirmed their agreement to the proposal.

New Transmissions Test-TDG-T-108

The first meeting of CEC TDG-T-108 is scheduled for 17th April 2012.

New Lubricants Test – TDG-L-107

The first meeting of TDG-L-107 took place on 29th February 2012.
Stefan Berkel of APL was appointed Chairman and Michael Schulz of ISP as Vice-Chairman.
A Fuels Sub-Group Meeting took place on 23rd March 2012 at ISP. The CEC Secretariat contacted all RFG members asking for them to advise if they were interested in bidding for the supply of reference fuel to TDG-L-107.

Amendment to CEC Guidelines

It was agreed that the CEC Guidelines will be amended to permit late sponsors into Phase 1 of a TDG, but only in exceptional circumstances.
It continues to be extremely important that sponsoring companies declare their involvement at the beginning of the process in order that an accurate estimate can be made for individual sponsorship amounts to be charged and paid before the first meeting date.  This decision is also designed to prevent delays to the test development process when bringing latecomers up to speed.

TDG-L-105 – Low Temperature Pumpability Test

The CEC Management Board reviewed repeatability data and confirmed on 1st March 2012 that Phase 1 of the test development is complete and that the Group can move to Phase 2 reproducibility testing. 

TDG-L-104 – OM646 Effects of Biodiesel

Oil consumption issues must be resolved before this test development can move forward. Further plans are being put together for discussion at the next meeting of the Group.  It was agreed that D. Mackney and I. Field would attend the next meeting to represent the Management Board and  to assist with finding a solution to the issues.

TDG-L-103 – Biodegradability

The CEC Management Board accepted the latest Progress Report for the Group.
Approval of the test development is expected in the second quarter of 2012.  

Report from CEC Special Event in November 2011

After discussion, it was agreed to have a further half-day meeting of Board Members immediately before the next Board Meeting, with ATIEL being invited to start discussions on CEC’s strategic vision for the future.

Secondary Parameters in CEC Engine Tests

SDG has written definitions of “Safety Parameters” into the SDG Guidelines.  These are parameters which are important to OEMs needing to provide a safety limit for oil performance, but are not parameters for which the test was specifically designed and the reference oils do not show discrimination.  In general they are parameters where the reference oils and all candidate oils will give acceptable performance.

In developing the SDG guidelines, some CEC L-99-08 parameters were chosen as worked examples.  Before allowing other CEC groups to implement safety parameters, it was been proposed to ask SG- L-099 to consider if these parameters should be accepted as safety parameters and then report back to the Management Board.

Status of Test Development for Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDID)

The OEM sponsor is experiencing difficulty with repeating previous results that indicated lacquering and has advised that for the time being the test must continue as an internal investigation because it is not yet advanced enough to enter the CEC process.

New Fuels Tests Proposed – Cold Start Driveability

Additional data has been circulated to Industry representatives and informal discussions have taken place between ACEA, ATC and CONCAWE representatives which have resulted in agreement that more evidence is needed before this new test development can progress.  

Other Possible Future Test developments
Oxidation Stability Test

The GFC Oxidation Stability test is likely to be included in the ACEA 2012 Light Duty Sequences.  ACEA recommends that CEC develops an oxidation stability test by investigating conditions used in both the Daimler oxidation and GFC oxidation tests.  
CEC is advised that ACEA, ATC and ATIEL will be discussing the need for this test during their next telephone conference call at the end of March 2012

Other Possible Future Test developments.
TU5 Test

There is no definite news yet regarding a possible replacement for CEC L-88-02 (TU5 test), though CEC is advised that it is likely to be discussed in upcoming Industry meetings.

CEC Secretariat Opening Hours

Normal Opening Hours are Monday to Thursday, 0800-1730 hours.  The CEC Secretariat office is closed on Fridays.
NB – The office will be closed on Monday 9th April 2012, Monday 7th May 2012 and Monday 4th June and Tuesday 5th June 2012 due to Public Holidays.

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