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CEC Newsletter September 2012
CEC Newsletter September 2012

Management Board

Unconfirmed Minutes from the last Management Board meeting, held on 20th September 2012 are available to CEC Group Members on the CEC Web Site.

New CEC Management Board Chairman

ACEA has nominated Mr. Anders Roj as CEC Management Board Chairman from 1st January 2013 and this was fully supported by all CEC stakeholders.

NEW CEC TEST DEVELOPMENT - Oxidation Test for Engine Oils Operating in the Presence of Biodiesel Fuel

This new test has been approved for development with a timing plan agreed for companies to declare their interest in tendering to become the lead lab and to declare their interest in sponsoring the Test Method up to a maximum of Euro 10,000 per sponsoring company.
All information and time lines are available on the CEC website.  For full details, go to www.cectests.org and click on the ‘Tenders’ button

Upgrade of CEC Website

The newly designed and modified CEC Web Site, will be launched during the first half of October 2012.

Test Monitoring System

The new guidelines for users of the CEC TMS have been completed, tested and published. The major upgrade of the CEC Test Monitoring System is ongoing and is in line with the timing plan agreed

SG-L-039 Elastomers

There have been recent discussions in ACEA meetings about Elastomers and feedback is expected from Elastomer experts within the OEMs.
Once received, further discussions can take place in Industry Meetings. It is hoped that agreement can be reached on the most common elastomer materials and support established for the introduction of new elastomer materials into CEC as well as reviewing and replacing any CEC elastomer tests that are no longer relevant.

SG-L-014 – Mechanical Sheer Stability

BSI in the UK has proposed to harmonise the technical requirements in ISO 26422 with the recently updated CEC L-14-93 Test Method.
The CEC Management Board has given permission to extract relevant parts of the text for the New Work Item Proposal (NWIP) to revise ISO 26422. If accepted by other participating members of ISO, a revised version of ISO 26422 will be published, incorporating the extracted text and acknowledging CEC as the source.

SG-L-103 – Biological Degradability of Lubricants in Natural Environment

A Paper about this new test development will be delivered at the OilDoc Conference in January 2013.

TDG-T-108 – FZG Pitting Test

FZG has performed and completed the investigations for the development of an optimized conditioning run for the test gears and based on the results, a proposal for the conditioning procedure has been made and agreed by all group members.
A calibration oil has been defined for pre-investigation tests and it may become one of the reference oils for the Test. The 2nd reference oil will be selected in December 2012, with the next group meeting planned for March 2013

TDG-L-106 – Oil Dispersion at Medium Temperature for Passenger Car DI Diesel Engines

Additional funds have been collected from all sponsors. The test is currently accepted for Phase 2 Viscosity Increase only.
The Piston Merit Parameter will be handled as a Safety Parameter and monitored on an ongoing basis. The remaining funds will be used for the additional test on a replacement oil..

TDG-L-105 – Low Temperature Pumpability Test

The test development has been approved for publication, with the test designation being CEC-L-105-12. The Group will become SG-L-105 once the approved Test Method has been published. Remaining sponsor funds from the test development will be returned to the individual companies according to CEC Guidelines. The Test Method will be on sale for Euro 6,250.
The precision statement will show the precision targets, with a comment that they have been reached in many cases in the first round robin. Laboratories which did not participate or did not achieve the target precision, cannot be regarded as reference laboratories and such laboratories must participate in a future Round Robin to achieve the target results.  

TDG-L-104 – OM646 Effects of Biodiesel 

CEC Management Board endorsed the change in Chairmanship of this group, supporting Richard Durrant as Chairman and Axel Schik as Vice-Chairman.

CEC Secretariat Opening Hours

Normal Opening Hours are Monday to Thursday, 0800-1730 hours.  The CEC Secretariat office is closed on Fridays.

Kellen Europe, Address: Avenue de Tervueren 188 A, Postbox 4, 1150 Brussels, Belgium
t: +32 2 761 16 84   e: [email protected]