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CEC Newsletter April 2013
CEC Newsletter April 2013

Management Board

Unconfirmed Minutes from the last Management Board meeting, held on 25th March 2013 are available to CEC Group Members on the CEC Web Site. The Minutes of the last meeting held on 25th January 2013 were amended and accepted.

SG-L-105 Low Temperature Pumpability for Used Oils

Please note a correction to the report on this Group made in the January Newsletter.

"It was clarified that if a new oil is added, the test results on this oil cannot be claimed as a valid reference until statistical analysis has been carried out, the SDG Liaison Officer is satisfied that the results meet CEC’s quality criteria and the additional oil is added as an update to the existing test method."

Announcing  A New CEC Test Development - Internal Diesel Injector Deposits Test (IDID) - TDG-F-110

The Template and Terms of Reference for this new CEC test development have been published in the public area of the CEC Web Site. 

Companies interested in bidding to become the Lead Laboratory must advise the CEC Secretariat by 19th April 2013. CEC welcomes bids from all areas of the Industry.  A meeting of interested bidding companies will follow on 29th April 2013 at PSA, Paris and bids must be received by 8th May 2013. The Lead Laboratory for the test development will be announced on 15th May 2013. 

Sponsors must state their commitment to sponsor the test by 9th May 2013. The final costs will be communicated to sponsors by 15th May.  Sponsors are expected to provide Purchase Orders, Invoice details and signed Letters of Intent promptly when requested. 
The first meeting of the group is expected to take place by end June 2013.  Only those Sponsors that have provided a Purchase Order to the CEC Secretariat will be permitted to attend.

Please go to the CEC Web Site at www.cectests.org and click on ‘Tenders’ for full details.

Future Test Developments

It is understood that 2 new lubricant test developments may be proposed using the PSA Turbo GDi engine.

The first one is likely to be for piston cleanliness and turbocharger deposits and the second one as a wear test.

An Industry Group will be developing a Template and Terms of Reference for the first of these two tests, to present to the CEC Management Board for consideration.

A new Corrosion Test may also be proposed to CEC, though pre-development work will be needed.  This may be difficult to fund if not clearly defined in the Template and Terms of reference.  There is currently no funding mechanism in CEC for an investigation phase of a new test.

CEC Management Board Changes

Vincent Panel joins the CEC Board to replace Neil Briffett as a permanent representative for ATIEL

CEC Vision & Focus Areas Update

Following the ‘CEC-the next 10 years’  event at the end of 2011, suggestions for change compatible with Industry’s needs towards 2020 were considered so that CEC could check and potentially redefine its Mission, Vision and Strategy to 2020.

Feedback and potential action was collated into four themes:
– Field Correlation and Test Relevance
– Test Quality
– Streamlined and cost effective test development processes
– Promotion

Specific Actions have been taken by individual Board Members to progress improvements to CEC based on the above issues.

Life Plan for CEC Engine Tests

The CEC Engine Test Life Plan was updated based on information from CEC Group Chairmen and recent Industry Liaison Group Meetings.  

The life of CEC L-99-08 (OM646 Wear Test) and CEC L-54-96 (M111 Fuel Economy) test methods were extended.

Three Fuels tests, CEC F-05-93 (M102E Inlet Valve Cleanliness), CEC F-16-96 (VW Waterboxer) and CEC F-20-98 ((M111 EVO) currently reach their end of life during 2015 and will be brought to the attention of the ACEA, ATC and CONCAWE Liaison Group.

CEC Test Development Tender Process

Board Members have made improvements to the process for sponsoring test developments. 

The ’Invitation to Sponsor Letter’ will clearly state the obligations of the Sponsor when confirming their interest to a certain level of funding.  This is regarded by CEC as an obligation that cannot later be rescinded by the sponsoring company.  This will ensure that a shortfall in sponsorship funding for a test development does not occur as a result of companies pulling-out later in the process. 

All sponsoring companies will be obliged to pay CEC on the basis of their shortest payment terms and in addition, a Purchase Order will be mandatory.  Purchase Orders must be provided to the CEC Secretariat before the first meeting of the Group, otherwise representation at the meeting will not be permitted.  This is to ensure that all sponsors have committed to the process by obtaining the necessary budget approvals within their own companies.

The CEC Constitution Guidelines will be updated accordingly.

Hardware and Fluid Requirements for CEC Test Method Holders that are not Group Members

Not all worldwide holders of CEC Test Methods choose to become members of the CEC Surveillance Group looking after the test, nor do they need to produce a ‘CEC Result’ by following the CEC Guidelines.  This makes it difficult for the Group to plan hardware and fluid requirements.  

It was suggested that Reference Oils and Reference Fuels Groups should discuss applying a maximum order size to each reference fluid, with the instruction that any unusual orders submitted to stockists be advised to the Reference Oils or Reference Fuels Group Chairman for immediate discussion with the relevant CEC Working Group Chairmen.

In future, when a CEC Working Group needs to establish future hardware and / or reference fluid requirements, they should ask the CEC Secretariat to request similar information from holders of CEC Test Methods that are not Group Members.

TDG-L-104 – OM646 Effects of Biodiesel

The test development continues as defined within the strategic plan reviewed by the CEC Management Board in 2012.  The Group will discuss the results of the next test in a teleconference mid April.

TDG-L-106 – Oil Dispersion at Medium Temperature for Passenger Car DI Diesel Engines (DV6)

The Round Robin is expected to commence soon.

TDG-L-107 – M271 EVO Sludge Test

Daimler has been most helpful in finding a solution to the initial problems with the ECU when running at high speeds and loads.  The first test results should be available for the Group to discuss very soon.

TDG-T-108 – FZG Pitting Test

The Lead laboratory is running tests with the defined reference oils and beginning preparation of the draft test method.

TDG-L-109 Oxidation Test

The basic test methodology (FAME dosing strategy, test length, temperatures) has been agreed.

CEC Special Project Group on Elastomers

There is strong interest in this Group, which meets on 3rd April 2013, when a good cross-section of the Industry will be represented.

CEC Secretariat Opening Hours

The CEC Secretariat office will be closed for the Public Holidays on Monday May 6th 2013 and Monday May 27th 2013. Normal Opening Hours are Monday to Thursday, 0800-1730 hours.  The CEC Secretariat office is closed on Fridays.

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