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CEC Newsletter February 2014
CEC Newsletter February 2014

CEC Management Board

Unconfirmed Minutes from the last CEC Management Board meeting, held on 22nd January 2014 are available to CEC Group Members on the CEC Web Site. 

CEC Test Development Group Timeline Document

This document will, in future, also include Fuels & Transmissions tests in order to monitor the progress of all TDG’s

TDG-L-104 – OM646 Effects of Biodiesel

The Group Chairman presented Phase 1 repeatability data to the CEC Management Board.  This was accepted and Board Members agreed that the Group can now proceed to Phase 2, Reproducibility testing.  The draft Test Method will soon be made available to Group members on the CEC Web Site.  The lead laboratory is organising a meeting to assist with the installation of the test at member company laboratories.
The long term availability of Daimler OM646 engines is being clarified.

TDG-L-106 – Oil Dispersion at Medium Temperature for Passenger Car DI Diesel Engines (DV6)

The results of some repeat tests were made available at a recent TDG-L-106 meeting.
The CEC Management Board expressed some concern about the small number of laboratories currently involved in providing Reproducibility data and the fact that the test data is not showing any signs of improvement.  It appears that the Group needs to look closer at the engine in order to improve the test.  Steps will be taken to ascertain if this is possible.

TDG-L-107 – M271 Sludge Test

Some concern has been expressed that the test development completion may be delayed. The Group is being encouraged to proceed with the development as quickly as possible.

TDG-T-108 – Pitting Test

Drafts of the first six chapters of the Test Procedures have been finalised & FZG should soon be in a position to provide the relevant information to assist in the preparation of the remaining sections.

TDG-L-109 Oxidation Test

One Group Member is conducting further tests at its own cost to substantiate, or otherwise, its concerns about correlation to the field. The results will be made available at the next meeting of TDG-L-109.

TDG-F-110 IDID Test

The Group is working well.  The best estimate for commencement of Phase 2 is currently Autumn 2014.

TDG-L-111 - Gasoline Cleanliness Test

Testing has commenced on a second low calibration oil and results are expected by the next group meeting in mid-February 2014.

CEC Support groups

The Chairmen of the four CEC Support Groups will be invited to attend the CEC Board Meeting in May 2014 to provide an update on their Groups and to discuss any issues.

Reference Fluid Data Sheets

Reference Fluid Data Sheets are now available directly from the Test Method area on the CEC web site.  Only those data sheets relevant to the individual test can be accessed.  Legislative Reference Fuels can still be accessed from the general ‘Search’ facility in the CEC extranet.

CEC SG-T-048 – Oxidation Stability of Lubricating Oils used in Automotive Transmissions by Artificial Ageing

The Management Board endorsed the appointment of Gunther Mueller, APL, as Chairman of this Group.

CEC Special Project Group on Elastomers

This group has agreed four elastomer formulations that are representative of the field and without toxic components.  The exact formulations will be forwarded to the OEMs for comment.  Data is being awaited on  another elastomer to determine if it needs to be included.
The group should meet at the end of June to write the Terms of Reference for a new Test Development Group.  It is hoped that a new, carefully developed, CEC Elastomer test will replace many OEM in-house tests.

TDG Chairmen Responsibilities

The CEC Guidance document for Chairmen & Secretaries is in the process of being improved.  Look out for a new version of it on the CEC Web Site soon.

Decision making in CEC

Some minor changes to the wording in G/L4 part 4 were agreed and are being published in Issue 25 of the CEC Guidelines. Further debate on the decision-making rules in CEC may be necessary if any CEC TDG is unable to achieve a consensus view.

Anticipation/Avoidance of Hardware & Reference Fluid shortages

SG Chairmen will be asked to check stocks of Reference Fluids & hardware on a quarterly basis & inform Group members and the CEC Board of any shortage issues.  The Terms of Reference for new test developments will also be improved to address potential shortages.

Guidance Document for Completion of Terms of Reference for new Test Developments

The CEC Management Board has started to draft a guidance document that lists all the aspects to consider when writing the Terms of Reference for a new test development.

CEC Support Documents

There are a series of CEC Support Documents available on the CEC website, providing help and assistance for all CEC members. To view them please click on the ‘Extranet’ tab after login, scroll down to ‘CEC Information’ and click on ‘CEC Proformas’. 

CEC Secretariat Opening Hours

Normal Opening Hours are Monday to Thursday, 0800-1730 hours.  The CEC Secretariat office is closed on Fridays.

Kellen Europe, Address: Avenue de Tervueren 188 A, Postbox 4, 1150 Brussels, Belgium
t: +32 2 761 16 84   e: [email protected]