CEC Test Monitoring System

Testing Laboratories participating in CEC activities must comply with CEC’s Quality Requirements as stated in Guideline 18 of its Constitution.

For Performance Claims, this means that the laboratory must have achieved an internationally recognised Quality Management System like ISO 9001, as well as ISO 17025 for the test and become a member of the CEC Surveillance Group.  In addition, they must run reference tests in accordance with the Test Method and input their reference results into either the CEC Test Monitoring System or the ERC Database (for tests in the ACEA Sequences).

Tests are conducted according to CEC Test Methods in many countries and given accreditation by many different organisations.

Online Test Monitoring

An online system has been adopted for monitoring all non-ERC database CEC tests. The new CEC-TMS system, which was introduced in 2009, makes it easy to capture and analyse real-time reference test data and is key to maintaining test quality.

Reference test results are recorded on a continuous basis rather than the traditional annual 'round robin' approach. Members can display, analyise and compare reference test results in graphic format across all key test parameters, making this a powerful tool for monitoring test quality and spotting data trends.

Please see below for the Test Monitoring publication.


To ensure the interpretation of key clauses within ISO 17025 is maintained across both the laboratories and accrediting bodies, a document has been prepared and published by CEC.

This document (CEC P-01-02) is recognised by the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA) and is included in their list of guidance documents which could be used during the assessment of laboratories seeking ISO 17025 accreditation against CEC Test Methods.

CEC Member Organisations